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Kochi has received attention recently for significant real estate development. Many regional developers and real estate companies with national reach have decided to locate their projects across Kochi. For those wanting to purchase flats in Kochi, Relgrow, the number one apartment construction company in Kochi, has also expanded its possibilities significantly.

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Low Rise Apartment Buildings

The Indian Building Code's fire safety standards classify all structures up to 15 meters from the first fire engine access point as low-rise buildings. Low-rise buildings have fewer floors, fewer flats, and a smaller population. These buildings are preferred by residents of the economized strata because they offer them more useable space and easier access to entrances and exits.

Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings

Mid-rise apartments provide better views because of their height in relation to the nearby structures. On that note, one of the top apartment building companies, Relgrow, provides you with breathtaking views of the city.

High Rise Apartment Building

The view is undoubtedly one of the most enticing aspects of high-rise homes. This is especially true in towns with magnificent surroundings like Kochi. The basic rule is that the higher the unit, the better the view. It's also crucial to remember that the priciest luxury flats are frequently found at the top. Therefore, book your consultation with Relgrow, one of the best apartment construction contractors in Kochi.

Our Process


Assessing and managing potential risks associated with the project, including budget and schedule risks, safety risks, and environmental risks.


The design development phase involves refining the schematic design, incorporating feedback from stakeholders, and developing more detailed drawings and specifications.

Cost Estimation

Finalizing the cost estimate, which will form the basis for the construction budget and project management.


At this stage, Relgrow carries out excavation work to prepare the site for the construction process.


Finalizing the finished project to ensure it complies with the established specifications, quality standards, and rules.

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How We Different from Other Apartment Construction Companies

To achieve optimal performance and cost-effectiveness, Relgrow makes use of cutting-edge technologies. Above all, Relgrow works to produce a good product while giving its customers a stress-free and joyful experience. In summary, Relgrow distinguishes itself from other apartment building firms via its dedication to quality, effectiveness, and client happiness.

Why Choose Relgrow?

Relgrow being the top apartment building construction company outperforms competing businesses in terms of professionalism, effectiveness, and expertise. Relgrow provides the most seasoned contractors who have refined their procedures to reduce mistakes and guarantee a positive client experience.

Our Completed Projects


"Working with Relgrow has been a delight. They went above and above to meet our demands and delivered exceptional services. Throughout the process, they have continually exhibited professionalism, expertise, and dependability. We appreciate our decision to cooperate with them and are eager to do so in the future."

"I am really happy with Relgrow's performance and quality. They consistently offer prompt and dependable service, and their personnel is experienced and competent. They excel in coming up with original solutions to complex issues, and their attention to detail is astounding."

"I can state with confidence that Relgrow's services are unmatched. Their staff of experts has years of expertise in all facets of building work, from minor residential renovations to significant commercial projects. They always go above and above to make sure the work is completed correctly and to the greatest degree of quality."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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Yes, Relgrow serves apartment, residential, commercial, and villa construction.

For you to never be in the dark about any additional hidden costs, Relgrow upholds accuracy in pricing and quotations. Pricing will only vary if you make changes to your plans; in this instance, we will let you know in advance. We anticipate and consider every requirement from the beginning of the project development, and the cost remains competitive. There are also no unanticipated change orders.

We always offer the greatest architecture, whether it's for a house, an apartment building, or a skyscraper. We provide a wide range of cutting-edge building methods and solutions for a variety of technical projects.

It depends on the project delivery method you're interested in.

Agreeing with the designer's philosophy and who they are as a person should be your first consideration. What have prior clients had to use this interior designer? Their sense of style. The talented designers at Relgrow regularly collaborate with their clients to produce stunning results.