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Investing in a house that will need you to spend a significant portion of your savings is not a simple process. But, Relgrow, the best apartment construction company in Hyderabad, gives you the best outcome. Relgrow creates the perfect atmosphere by paying attention to every little thing needed to make a home.

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Our Apartment Building Services

Low Rise Apartment Buildings

Relgrow, being one of the best apartment builders in Hyderabad, provides you with the smallest buildings constructed in considerable quantities that are classified as low-rise residential structures. The Low-Rise Housing project aims to build infill blocks that can fit in with any typical single-family neighborhood through a sequence of semi-detached two- and three-story mini-towers. Low-rise structures discreetly create a pedestrian-friendly cityscape with outdoor spaces enlivened by vegetation and paths.

Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings

As one of the best apartment building companies, Relgrow offers you a development project with 5 to 11 levels that are considered mid-rise. These buildings are frequently home to various occupancies because of their relatively moderate height. Mid-rise architecture may be used to build anything from homes to offices. In terms of mid-rise construction building techniques, Relgrow often provides more freedom and creativity.

High Rise Apartment Building

In contrast to low-rise buildings, high-rise buildings are tall buildings and depending on the jurisdiction, their height is defined differently. It serves as a residence, an office building, or a combination of residence and office, hotel, and retail uses. High-rise apartment complexes can use a variety of structural technologies. Relgrow provides the most appropriate one required based on benefits and drawbacks.

Our Process


Relgrow creates a detailed project schedule in the planning stage, considering all the tasks and activities involved in the construction process.


The design stage is a crucial step in the construction process, as it determines the overall look and functionality of the final project.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is done to determine the most accurate estimate of the costs associated with the construction project, including direct costs (such as materials and labor) and indirect costs (such as overhead and contingency).


It is the phase of the construction process where the actual physical work of building the project is carried out.


It is the final stage of the construction process where the completed project is delivered to the client or end user.

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How We Different from Other Apartment Construction Companies

Relgrow is a distinctive apartment building company with definite benefits over other building firms. Relgrow, in contrast to many other businesses, offers a holistic strategy for building apartments with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability. They provide personalized floor designs and custom finishes in addition to cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly materials.

Why Choose Relgrow?

Relgrow is one of the best apartment construction contractors in Hyderabad. Relgrow builders always strive to use their expertise to make the project success with a minimum apartment construction cost. With, Relgrow, you get a wide range of options that suits your demand. At Relgrow, we implement the latest technology in the construction area. Overall, Relgrow gives you the most cost-effective apartments.

Our Completed Projects


“The construction services provided by Relgrow have saved our business. Relgrow has provided us with the quality, dependable building services we required at a price we could afford. They gave outcomes that far above our expectations and responded quickly to our requests. Relgrow consistently provides dependable and affordable building services.”

"Relgrow provides excellent building services. The Relgrow team gave us exceptional customer service from the beginning of the project until its finish. They kept us updated at every stage of the process and were always ready to answer queries. We were pleased with their work and would unreservedly suggest them to anybody searching for high-caliber building services.”

"The construction services provided by Relgrow were excellent for us. They collaborated with us to ensure that all of our requests were satisfied, and they finished the job on schedule and under budget. Our job was finished quickly and with great attention to detail. We heartily urge anybody in need of professional building services to contact Relgrow."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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Yes, Relgrow provides an interior design of your choice.

Relgrow provides interior design and residential and commercial services.

It is easy to book a consultation at Relgrow. Here is the link for your reference- https://relgrow.com/services/interior-design/residential/apartment/

It is always better to construct a house, and at Relgrow, we help you with the best designs that suit your demand.

It is discovered that sometimes preconceived notions and plans don't exactly match the budget's reality. Occasionally, there may be construction concerns that aren't fully addressed until later in the bidding or building phase, costing money and time.