Painting Contractors in Bangalore

We are considered one of the best painting services in Bangalore. With Relgrow painting services, you get more bang for your buck. From chic to aspirational, we tailor our services to your expectations.

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Our Painting Services

Experience and Expertise

Fresh Painting

Whether you are constructing a new home or just renovating, you can rely on our house painting services in Bangalore to give you Instagram-worthy walls. We provide the best painters for your budget.


Textured Walls Painting

Engage your senses with a textured feature wall. From orange peel to popcorn textures, use our expert professional textured wall painting services to elevate your living space.

Quality Materials

Designer Wall Painting

We assist in creating conversational spaces with our designer wall painting services. We curate designs by incorporating your unique perspective and the ambiance you want the space to exude.

Customized Designs

Exterior Painting

When it comes to home painting services in Bangalore, our exterior painting service offers a variety of top-quality, all-weather paints for you to choose from. Our expert painters provide the best finish too.

Experience and Expertise

Interior Painting

We are one of the best house painting services in Bangalore. We help you choose the right colors, textures, and designs to revamp your walls that reflect your lifestyle perfectly.


Commercial Painting

We are well known for our professional painters in Bangalore; their expertise is much sought-after, especially for painting commercial spaces. Our service includes furniture covering to ensure all your office equipment is safe.

Quality Materials


Our painting services in Bangalore include repainting solutions. Our expert painters guarantee full coverage of old paint and also perform thorough sanding to achieve an even surface for paint application.

Customized Designs

Wood Coating

We don’t just undertake wall painting; we are also proficient in wood coating. We paint and polish wooden items and furniture to help restore their sheen and protect them from daily wear and tear.

Customized Designs


At Relgrow, we also carry out waterproofing services to ensure your home is free of water leakage problems. Get your terrace and walls fixed quickly and efficiently by our expert proofers.

Quality Materials


Our grouting experts make sure your tiles are protected from damage caused by dust, dampness, and other factors. We use top-tier materials to ensure the best finish and durability.

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Our Process

Initial Site Visit

Our professionals visit your home or office space to complete a technical site evaluation that will take into account the total area to be painted, lighting, and other factors.

Paint Selection

Relgrow’s expert color consultants help you pick out the perfect palette that reflects your style and the mood you want to set for your space. 

Budget Planning

The painting services in Bangalore cost a lot, but our planning experts help you choose materials and paints within your budget.


Before painting, the site is prepped. Our seasoned painters use advanced tools to increase efficiency, safety, and cleanliness in the painting process. 

Clean-up and Handover

Our trained professionals begin the clean-up process so that your space is spic and span and ready for occupancy. Your floors and fixtures will be cleaned of all spills.

Post-painting Support

After the clean-up and home disinfection, our team provides you with tips on how to maintain your walls and keep them clean and beautiful over time. 

Why Choose Our Painting Services in Bangalore

L-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Local Proficiency

All our painting contractors in Bangalore are from Bangalore. Their expertise comes from experience gained from working locally for many years.

Island Modular Kitchens
Expert Artisanship

Our skilled painters use their experience to efficiently and safely complete the project. They are also supervised daily to achieve the best results.

Straight Modular Kitchens
Established Expertise

Our house painters in Bangalore have a cumulative experience of over 10 years. Their dedication and hard work are the cornerstone of our success.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Quality Supplies

Our claim to fame is the first-rate painting tools that help us execute the job quicker and materials that give the best finish and last longer.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Painting Contractors In Bangalore

Post-painting Clean-up

With our thorough post-painting clean-up, you can start adding your furniture and fixtures right away.

Supervised Painting

We ensure a painless and hassle-free painting process thanks to continuous supervision at the site.

Timely Execution

We use advanced tools to complete the painting quickly and ensure a smooth finish.

Full Furniture Masking

We cover your furniture and other valuables to protect them from paint and dust.


“The best painting service I have seen so far. The consults were polite and helped us pick out colors for our home. The painting didn’t drag on. They completed it very quickly.”

Disha Jain

“Very satisfied with the painting. The painters were very professional. There was no dust or paint on the floor. Had to do very little cleaning. ”

Seema Surendren

“They give the best service for less money. We didn’t even feel like painting was going on in the house. Our home looks brand new. Impressive work.”

Kalakanth Joshi


Our home painting packages include site evaluation, color consultancy, budget planning, painting, clean-up, and post-painting support.

Yes. We are one of the best house painting services in Bangalore.

You can count on us to provide you with the best painters in Bangalore who will complete your painting work efficiently and safely.

Yes, we do provide commercial space painting in Bangalore.

Our repainting procedure includes site evaluation to check the existing color and finish, fixing cracks, sanding, and priming to create a smooth painting surface.

All major brand finishes are offered by us for the painting process.

Bangalore residents prefer professional painters because of their work quality, efficient style of work, and use of advanced tools for an even finish.

The factors that influence the cost of painting in Bangalore include labor cost, price of materials, and the total area to be painted.

Color experts predict soothing shades of blue to be the interior design trend for 2024. Whatever the trend, we have all home interior colors available for you.