Gypsum Plastering Company in Bangalore

Your search for the best gypsum plastering contractors in Bangalore ends here! At Relgrow, we have gathered the experts in gypsum plastering to provide you with services par excellence. We undertake a wide variety of plastering jobs for commercial and residential spaces. Our reliable and efficient working manner is praised by all our clients.

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Why Choose Us

We are a highly-rated gypsum plastering company in Bangalore and our clients keep coming back for our services for the following reasons.

Experience and Expertise

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of skilled plasterers delivers exceptional results promptly. They handle all types of jobs both efficiently and meticulously.


Quality Assurance

We follow a stringent quality control process. Our plasterers are always supervised during the job. We ensure every material and technique is of the highest standard.

Quality Materials

Customer-Centric Excellence

Our client-first approach is reflected in our customized solutions and hassle-free plastering process, right from consultation to completion.

Quality Materials

Proven Success Stories

With over 10 years in the plastering industry, our tried and tested processes have been lauded by all. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in the praise of our clients.

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How We Are Different

We are a leading gypsum wall plastering company in Bangalore thanks to our customer-focused methodology and willingness to go the extra mile.

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Quality Beyond Compare

We don’t just promise quality, we deliver it. From the plastering materials to the technique, we only work with the best.

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Precision in Every Detail

Plastering is vital to structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, that’s why we give meticulous attention to every part of the plastering process.

Straight Modular Kitchens
Tailored Solutions for You

From plastering quantity estimation, plaster type, and additives, to technique, every aspect of the gypsum plastering process is tailored to your requirements. 

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Transparent and Trustworthy

Whether it is pricing, the labor required, or the cost of materials, we offer complete transparency to our clients.

Types of Services

We offer full-scale gypsum plastering services in Bangalore from sourcing of materials, and application, to quality checks.

Gypsum Plastering Solutions

Whether it is plaster casting, undercoating, or plastering by machine, we provide different customized solutions that meet your specific needs. We are proficient in both residential and commercial applications.

Surface Preparation Mastery

A good gypsum plastering finish can only be obtained through proper surface preparation. Our experts use advanced tools and techniques so that every surface is treated consistently and optimally.

Expert Repair and Restoration

The ductility of gypsum plaster makes it a good choice for repair and restoration work. Our experts use it masterfully to cover water damage, cracks, and holes and provide a smooth finish.

Custom Design and Finishes

Our gypsum plasterers are adept at creating a host of decorative elements and textured finishes with ease. We use specialized techniques and tools to create beautiful details and patterns.

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Our Process

As one of the leading gypsum wall plastering contractors in Bangalore, we have got plastering down to a fine art.

Site Inspection & Analysis

We determine the scope of work by taking measurements, checking the condition of the surface to be plastered, and then discussing the project requirements with you.

Surface Preparation 

Prepping begins by cleaning the surface to remove dirt and debris. Later, cracks and holes are filled and the surface is evened out.

Expert Gypsum Plastering

The plastering commences using specialized tools and techniques to achieve the desired thickness and texture on the surface.

Quality Assurance Check

A thorough quality check is carried out to ensure all protocols have been adhered to and the work meets our standards.

Project Completion & Handover

After the plaster has cured, we clean up the work area and ensure all dirt and materials are removed. The area is handed over to the client for inspection.

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Benefits Of Hiring Our Gypsum Plastering In Bangalore

Our gypsum plastering contractors in Bangalore are the reason our clients keep coming back.

Locally Sourced Talent

Our plasterers are all based out of Namma Bengaluru, making them easily accessible to you.

100% Customer Satisfaction 

Our plasterers’ dedication and hardwood have always resulted in clients being happy with our work.

Timely Execution

Our workers work hard to complete projects efficiently to minimize disruptions in your schedule.


One of the biggest benefits of Relgrow gypsum plastering services is their expertise. Great workers with good knowledge and technique. Very professional and always ready to help.


Had gypsum plastering done at my manufacturing facility, they were quick and efficient with the work. Very little downtime was required. Their pricing also was good.


Very good team of plasterers and always timely in their execution. I was very happy with their work on my new house. Will definitely recommend their services to others.



Gypsum plastering is a plastering method that uses gypsum minerals (Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate). It’s the preferred choice due to its smooth finish, fire resistance, and easy application.

The duration of the plastering process depends on the size of the area to be plastered, the type of plaster used, and the condition of the surface.

Gypsum plastering can be done on all kinds of surfaces, including brick, drywall, and concrete.

Yes, gypsum plaster can be molded into different textures and finishes.

Gypsum-plastered surfaces require very little maintenance. Cleaning them using a mild detergent and cloth is sufficient.

The pricing of our gypsum plastering services is based on the size of the area to be plastered, the type of finish or texture required, the condition of the surface, etc.

Yes, we offer free consultations. Please visit our website and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our transparent pricing, experienced plasterers, attention to detail, and customized solutions sets us apart from other plastering service providers in Bangalore.

Yes, our team is thoroughly trained in the latest gypsum plastering techniques.

You should clear the space to be plastered by removing furniture, fixtures, and other valuables.