Premier Fire Licence NOC Registration Services in Hyderabad

Over the years, Relgrow has climbed the rungs of the industry to become one of the top fire NOC consultants in Hyderabad. We are a strong team consisting of industry-expert consultants, skilled supervisors, QA inspectors, fire-safety SMEs, and experienced workers. We have grown along with the city, providing quality fire NOC and license consultancy services to infrastructure developers, owners, and authorizers. 

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Types of Services Provide

Experience and Expertise

Fire Training

We provide extensive fire safety and equipment usage training to our clients to help safeguard the occupants of an establishment. We also provide instruction on fire safety practices and effective evacuation during a fire emergency.


Fire Safety Auditing

Our fire safety consultant services in Hyderabad include safety audits that assess potential fire hazards and the overall level of fire safety compliance of buildings. We provide comprehensive solutions for fire code compliance, specifically for Hyderabad.

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Fire NOC & License Acquisition

Our fire license NOC Registration Services in Hyderabad make your journey to acquiring building plan approvals and securing the safety of building occupants easy. We provide end-to-end solutions for your specific building/industry type.

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Fire Safety Consultancy

Our consultants review your existing fire safety measures and systems and ensure they are compliant with fire safety regulations and codes. We also report on possible hazards and non-compliance if any. 

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Fire System Design & Installation

Our fire license consultants in Hyderabad design and install customized fire protection systems that fall under the gamut of fire protection solutions as provisioned in the National Building Code of India.

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Fire Safety System Maintenance

Depending on how old your fire safety system is, you might have to make either adjustments or a complete overhaul of the system to ensure they are still in compliance with updated fire safety codes and regulations.

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Auxiliary Equipment Supply

Our comprehensive fire license services in Hyderabad encompass the supply of fire safety materials including fire safety floor plans, evacuation route signage, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, etc.

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Fire Safety Plan Development

We develop customized fire safety plans tailored to your building or premises’ specific needs and requirements. This includes evacuation plans, emergency procedures, and fire safety protocols.

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Why Choose Us

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Demonstrated Experience

We have successfully assisted many of our clients in completing their fire license registration in Hyderabad. Our proficiency in every aspect of fire safety is the reason our clients keep coming back to us.

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Customer Trust

Our responsive and transparent communication has garnered the respect and trust of our clients. We still hold good relations with all our previous clients. 

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Reliable Service

Every one of our clients has commented on our reliable working manner, always available in case they have any query or a setback. This is our work ethic that prioritizes our clients every time.

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Expert Team

The success of Relgrow relies on the experience and expertise of our team members. Our consultancy crew has gained a lot of knowledge and a strong network after years of working in the industry.

How we are Different

Native Proficiency

Our consultants are based out of Hyderabad and thus, are aware of the inner workings of the industry, helping you navigate it with the least amount of time lost.

Budget-friendly Pricing

Our fair pricing system is one of the primary factors that clients recommend us to their network. We will give you a detailed list of our service costs.

Timely Execution

Whether it is designing and installation of fire protection systems or planning emergency response procedures, we ensure all services are completed promptly.

Quality Conscious

As the foremost fire NOC consultant in Hyderabad, we are relentless in providing the very best solutions to our clients.

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Insurance Coverage

Having a robust fire safety system in place and all the required NOCs and licenses will help you reduce your insurance premiums.

Hassle-free Process

We ensure that from initial consultation to final execution, we provide you with a seamless process every step of the way.

Tailored Solutions

Fire safety measures and systems differ according to industry or building type. We craft each solution so that it is compatible with your requirements.

Satisfaction Guarantee

No customer has left us unhappy with the service. Even if we encounter a challenge, we make sure to find a solution at the earliest.


One of the best fire consultancy services in Hyderabad. Their service was top class. We needed to upgrade our fire safety equipment. They advised on what all processes and equipment we needed and gave a quote. The whole process took very less time.

Satyanandan Kumar

We needed to install a fire alarm system in the office. Relgrow team came, assessed the office, reported on what needs to be done, and gave us a quote. We asked around and they gave us the best price. They quickly got the job done. 

Ruhaan Salim

I was recommended Relgrow by a friend to get a fire license. They knew all the documentation and approvals I will need. Things that were missing, they helped me get it without a fuss. Very grateful for the quick service.

Acharya  Anand 


The different types of NOCs for fire are -

  • Provisional NOC
  • Occupancy NOC
  • NOC for renewal

A fire NOC shows that a building has been constructed with all the necessary fire safety requirements. Without an NOC, you will not be given a building plan approval. Our expert consultants help file your fire NOC registration in Hyderabad with ease.

Yes, to procure building plan approval from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC), it is mandatory to acquire a fire license.

Usually, a fire license application process is completed 14 days after the application is submitted.

A fire NOC or fire license is valid for 3 years, after which, it needs to be renewed before the validity expires.