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As the leading fire license NOC consultants in Chennai, we are unwavering in our endeavor to provide you with the best possible fire safety license services. As per Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services Rules, businesses and trading activities listed by them should mandatorily get a fire license or fire NOC (No Objection Certificate) and that’s where Relgrow’s expertise comes in handy.  Our experienced and resourceful team will make sure that your fire NOC registration in Chennai happens without a hitch.


Types of Services Provide

Experience and Expertise

Fire License And NOC Registration

Our fire license NOC registration services in Chennai are one of the most sought-after in the city. Our expert consultants help you navigate the registration process easily and obtain the certificates effortlessly.


Fire Code Compliance Consultancy

Keeping buildings and factories up to fire safety codes can be challenging considering how numerous and multi-faceted they are. Fortunately, our experienced consultants are well-versed in all aspects of verification for different industry and sector types.

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Fire Authority Liaison

Our fire license consultants in Chennai coordinate with various administrations like the Fire Department and the Planning Authority to help procure necessary documents for approval so that you don’t have to.

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Fire Protection System Design & Installation

We are experienced in designing and installing complete fire protection systems including fire detection and suppression. We even supply auxiliaries like fire extinguishers, signages, evacuation plans, etc. 

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Fire Safety Audit

Our consultants conduct audits that assess the fire safety equipment, property fire safety compliance, fire-hazard preparedness, etc. We analyze the condition of the fire protection measures and report the adjustments required to meet regulatory compliance.

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Fire Safety System Maintenance

Our services also include inspection and maintenance of existing fire safety equipment to ensure they are up to code. We also advise you on recommissioning the system in case of non-compliance with fire safety regulations. 

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Fire Safety Training

Our expert consultants conduct fire safety training for building occupants and staff. They go over fire safety practices, evacuation procedures, use of fire suppression equipment, and other topics that increase fire emergency preparedness through 

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Emergency Response Planning

We are also accomplished in creating effective response planning for fire emergencies. The plan usually outlines roles, responsibilities, and procedures to perform during an emergency.

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Why Choose Us

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Well-versed In Fire Safety Codes 

Our fire code team has a working knowledge of current codes and standards applicable to your locality, and the documentation and verifications needed for different buildings and industry types.

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Expert Knowledge And Experience

Our over 10 years of experience in the industry makes us the most obvious choice for start-to-end consultation for fire NOC and license. 

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Specialized Team of Consultants

We have a dedicated, cross-functional team of consultants specializing in each area of the fire consultancy service like authority liaison, fire safety system installation, etc.

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Hassle-Free Process

We gather all the documentation, certifications, and verifications so that you don’t have to. From registration to acquisition of license, we manage every part of the process.

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Circumvent Administrative Red Tape

As one of the top fire NOC consultants in Chennai, we act as the intermediary between you and the authorities to ensure you can acquire the license without any problems.

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How we are Different

Local Expertise

Our consultants are based out of Chennai and are great at networking with the authorities on your behalf. 

Transparent Pricing

We don’t fleece our clients. We give fair pricing on all the consultancy services we provide.

Client Trust

Our resounding success is only possible through the trust our clients place in us and our services.

Broad range of services

We provide fire license services in Chennai and supporting services that help with conforming to fire safety codes and standards.

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Customized Solutions

The process of fire license registration in Chennai differs according to building types and the type of business. We tailor our services to your specific type.

Customer Satisfaction

We are interested in creating lifetime relationships with our clients, that’s why every one of our services is aimed to give you 100% satisfaction.

Securing Insurance Coverage

Possessing a Fire NOC or fire license in Chennai is crucial in obtaining insurance coverage against fire-related incidents. It also helps avoid higher premiums.


Setting up a manufacturing unit was very easy thanks to Relgrow guys. They made sure to help with all documentation, they assessed what certifications and approvals we will need and helped us get them easily.

Jayesh N

A very smooth process. The team at Relgrow would get in touch and tell us the things needed to be done and even helped us. Their fire suppression system installation happened in a very perfect manner. The workers and supervisors knew what they were doing.

Mithun Dev

Relgrow team helped set up fire safety plan with our staff. They also provided all signage and emergency plan, floor plan for fire escape and other things for our fire emergency evacuation plan. Very helpful team with a lot of knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to working with them in our next construction.

Arya Ananthan


A fire license is an official certification that clarifies that a building or business has all essential fire safety requirements in place. The document is issued by a government authority. 

The NOC for fire is issued by the Fire And Rescue Services Department.

A fire license is a permit that certifies that a business or building has the appropriate safety measures in place to safeguard the occupants in case of a fire incident. A NOC for fire on the other hand validates that a building’s construction is in line with fire safety codes.

No, generally businesses, especially ones operating in multi-storied buildings, are not allowed to operate without the necessary fire license or fire NOC.

Fire safety regulations are very complex and hiring a NOC consultant will ease your burden. Fire NOC consultants conduct thorough inspections, give detailed reports on existing fire protections systems, design and install excellent fire safety systems, and help adhere to regulatory compliance.