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Are you on the hunt for exceptional landscaping experts in Bangalore, eager to distinguish yourself from a list of architects and interior designers in the city? Look no further; RelGrow is your answer. We stand out among the numerous interior contractors in Bangalore and are a respected name in the landscape design industry. Our services have earned us a prominent place in the list of interior design companies in Bangalore, making us a trusted choice among interior designers in the city.

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RelGrow: Your Premier Landscaping Solution in Bangalore

RelGrow proudly takes its place as a leading player in the landscaping arena, offering an impressive array of solutions to elevate your residential or commercial property. We're dedicated to not only excelling in landscaping but also making a mark among the interior designers in Bangalore.

At RelGrow, we pride ourselves on delivering a harmonious fusion of creativity and functionality to your outdoor spaces - a feat that sets us apart in the landscape design domain. Our commitment to innovative designs, flawless execution, and meticulous attention to detail is unmatched. What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to transparency, honesty, and affordability.

Why Choose RelGrow?

Complete Landscaping Solutions:

RelGrow offers an extensive range of landscaping services, from garden design and installation to irrigation systems, hardscaping, and maintenance. We work closely with you to ensure your outdoor spaces match your vision, positioning us prominently among interior design companies in Bangalore.

Visualize Your Dream Landscape:

We understand the significance of visualizing your landscaping ideas. That's why we offer 3D design rendering, enabling you to witness your dream landscape take shape before work begins - just as the top interior designers in Bangalore do.

Efficient Project Execution:

RelGrow takes pride in executing landscaping projects efficiently and with precision. Our experienced team ensures projects are completed on time, every time, in line with your expectations and those of the top interior designers in Bangalore PDF.

Guaranteed Quality:

Our reputation rests on the quality of our work, which has positioned us as a preferred choice in the list of top interior designers in Bangalore. We are committed to using the finest materials and employing the latest landscaping techniques to create outdoor spaces that flourish for years to come.

Creative Excellence:

Choose from a diverse range of landscaping themes and styles, from contemporary and tropical to classic and minimalist. Our creative prowess ensures that your outdoor spaces are a true reflection of your unique style, just like the top interior designers in Bangalore.

Your Dream Landscape Awaits

RelGrow isn't just one among the many landscaping experts in Bangalore; we are your premier choice for turning your landscaping dreams into reality. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and your satisfaction is unparalleled, placing us at the forefront of interior designers in Bangalore.

Partner with the best and allow your outdoor spaces to reflect your unique style. Your journey to a more vibrant and inviting landscape begins today with RelGrow.

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Interior Design Packages



This minimal package of ours includes only furniture, cabins, partitions, and floor design. The execution of this basic design takes about 2 months.



This package includes electrical, fire and safety, CCTV installation, and wall design alongside the things included in the starter package. The duration is about 4 months.



Our special package is specifically meant to give you a luxurious look with lighting design, false ceiling, glazing, and cladding including the services of a professional package. Duration is unspecified.